Duke Deuce & Yuki Chiba – TEAM TOMODACHI REMIX

329,688回再生 2024/05/03
Duke Deuce千葉雄喜
Duke Deuce x Yuki Chiba connected in Tokyo to bring you all an explosive collaboration you did not know you needed.

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Instagram: @dukedeuce / @yukichiba_

To purchase a "M" hat as seen in the visual, click the link below: https://www.nomagikentertainment.com/DUKE-DEUCE-X-NOMAGIK-p603151298?fbclid=PAAaY67W445kcExurn_1DgL5Fm3-fLihuscSSkxMi0hxiIaEl98sox9OmL7C0_aem_AaGkSm0YSHErywGLdoTX0Opg8K6h-AujJNgdGm-n_IHr2SN_vrYlnnZuMoPPy53qWJo