sabukaru Presents: A Nujabes Documentary – MUSIC IS MINE MUSIC IS YOURS

19,189回再生 2024/02/26
Despite his worldwide fanbase, Nujabes' story remains shrouded in mystery until now! After a meticulous 14-year journey, this 2-hour documentary offers a rare glimpse into the life of a musical genius, shedding light on his enigmatic persona and profound musical journey, making it a must-watch for music enthusiasts worldwide.

Through intimate interviews with individuals who were very close to Nujabes, including Verbal, Yoon, and staff from Guinness Records, DJ Deckstream [a year before his passing] among others, coupled with rare archival footage and heartfelt reflections, viewers unravel the layers of Nujabes' life and career. This feature-length film allows audiences to witness the evolution of a musical visionary whose soulful melodies resonate globally from 1994 when he first entered the scene until his untimely death in 2010. Delving into the origins of Nujabes transports audiences to the neighbourhood of Udagawacho in Shibuya, where his legacy first took root in the record village. From the inception of Guinness Records, which Nujabes founded, to his strategic positioning as a foreign artist, the documentary captures pivotal moments that shaped his musical trajectory. Ultimately, the documentary offers an intimate portrait of a true legend like never before, inspiring viewers with Nujabes' profound impact on music and culture.